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robots are automated scripts that crawl, search, or perform requests for information.

IndieWeb Examples

Ben Werdmuller

Ben Werdmüller runs a bot that responds to requests for information on his own site:

Silo Examples

Twitter bots

There's also a subclass for injecting cuteness, happiness, or kawaii which is related:

Chat bots

Chat bots can help to inject kindness and a standard of care & welcoming into their environments, though care should be used to ensure that they're having the desired effects.

  • Loqi
  • "discobot" in the Discourse fora software welcome people into chat. It will also put up notifications to tell readers things like "Frances has been away for x months, be sure to welcome them back".
    • (needs screenshot)
    • They also automate badges for users to encourage interaction.

Wiki bots

Wiki bots watch a wiki, report changes, sometimes allow editing via a UI (often through chat, sometimes edit a wiki based on time or changes on other sites


Active or Passive

One interesting distinction between bots are ones that are active where you have to ask it a specific question. Such bots are: Ben Werdmüller's bot, Siri, Alexa, Google Home, etc. A passive bot is more like Slack bots that might be prompted by certain text that happens. Also Loqi would be considered a passive both with some active options. Much of what Loqi does is watching natural conversation on IRC and replying to it. Although, specific questions around What is... or Who is or When is... could be considered active.

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