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Ben Werdmuller


CEO and co-founder of Known, a startup whose platform is designed to adhere to indieweb principles. See: Known, formerly idno.

His site / domain is


Audio / Podcasting

I want to be able to upload audio files to my site and be able to use it as a podcast feed. (I really want to start a podcast.)

Notifications of profile references

When someone webmentions my domain I want to be told so I can reply if necessary.

Live discussion

I want each post to be like its own chatroom, with some contributions coming in from silos, some from the indieweb, and some from in-site comments - in real time.


privacy. Sometimes I just want to send a nudge to a few people - for example, in my company. This would also let me share anecdotal health information with my family.

Revamped events

Event posts support was built after IndieWebCamp 2013 and are pretty bare-bones. I'd love for non-indieweb people to be able to RSVP without having to use Facebook.


I want to be able to record video, and again, be able to show off editable video in a podcast.