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OpenAI is the creator of many notable AI tools, including an Embeddings API and the GPT series of models that, combined, can be used to create a generative search index for your website.

How To

You can create a chatbot that generates answers to questions about content on your website using OpenAI's Embeddings API and GPT models. GPT-3.5-turbo performs well for this purpose, and for a lower cost than prior generative text models offered by OpenAI.

capjamesg's implementation


I use Facebook's faiss vector store for storing the embeddings.

I then keep a JSON file that maps the index associated with each embedding in the faiss store with a record I create during data ingestion. That record includes a URL at minimum and may also include a title, a date, and other meta info.

I ingest my:

  • blog posts
  • docs from libraries I have written
  • personal wiki pages
  • breakfast and coffee wiki pages
  • readmes for all my public github repos
  • my bio
  • and some technical writing I have done

IndieWeb Examples


  • capjamesg has been operating a chatbot on his personal website powered by Embeddings and GPT-3.5-turbo since early March, 2023.

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