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A large language model is (AKA LLM) usually a reference to a service, like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, that synthesizes text based on a massive set of prose typically crawled and indexed from the open web and other sources and should not be used to contribute content to the IndieWeb wiki; several IndieWeb sites disclaim any use thereof for their content.


Why disclaim

With more and more LLM-generated content being published to the web, e.g. by news outlets like Hoodline, people will increasingly look for actual human-written content instead, and disclaiming your use of LLMs will appeal to a larger and larger audience.

How to

How to block

IndieWeb Examples

In rough date order of adding to personal sites:


Hidde de Vries added a ‘no LLMs involved’ note to the site-wide footer of from 17 March 2023

No language models were involved in writing the blog posts on here.


capjamesg since at least 2023-07-14(?) added a "Not By AI" image button on all his blog posts going back to at least 2020

Aaron Parecki

Aaron Parecki put a "Not by AI" badge in his global website footer (e.g. bottom of next to the IndieWeb/Microformats/Webmention buttons on 2023-10-15.


Tantek Çelik put a general disclaimer about no use of LLMs for his site on his homepage on 2023-12-31:

Paul Watson

Paul Watson put a general disclaimer about no use of LLMs for his site on his blog homepage [1] on 2024-01-04:

No large language models (LLM) or similar AI technologies were involved in writing the blog posts on here.

and also a similar statement and button (by on the footer of all pages on 2024-01-05.

Todd Presta

to2ds Updated the existing blurb above the fold on the homepage to use the term "LLMs" instead of the generic "AI." [2] on 2024-01-05. Also added (Not BY AI) written and painted badges to the common footer along with the IndieWeb badge and link.

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IndieWeb Wiki Examples

Do not use LLMs for content for the wiki:

Don't even think about using ChatGPT to contribute material to the wiki, because you don't have the ability to know you can contribute it to the public domain / CC0.

Other Examples

IndieWeb opinions

Other Examples


Encourages disregarding copyright

Encourages training on private data

Discourages open creativity and sharing

  • 2024-04-22 The Atlantic: It’s the End of the Web as We Know It

    SEO will morph into LLMO: large-language-model optimization, the incipient industry of manipulating AI-generated material to serve clients’ interests.
    LLMs aren’t people we connect with. Eventually, people may stop writing, stop filming, stop composing—at least for the open, public web.

Abused to waste developer time

Criticism: LLMs used to waste developer time with fake security bounty bug reports:

  • (from the maintainer of curl) 2024-01-02 The I in LLM stands for intelligence

    Like for the email spammers, the cost of this ends up in the receiving end. The ease of use and wide access to powerful LLMs is just too tempting. I strongly suspect we will get more LLM generated rubbish in our Hackerone inboxes going forward.

Fails basic context dependence

Can fail basic context-dependence, like examples vs commands:

Scraping for training widely rejected

85% of Cloudflare's customers prefer to block GenAI training scrapers:

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