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ai;dr is an abbreviation for Artificial Intelligence; Didn't Read, referring to text content that is presumed or stated to be generated by an AI (usually an LLM like ChatGPT) that one chooses to ignore, and is worth considering before using generated AI in blog posts or other places on your personal site.


2023-03-26 AI Written, AI Read

One piece of slang that has long embodied the short attention span Internet age is TL;DR, short for “too long; didn’t read.” With the explosion of generative AI tools, we’re rapidly entering the age of TL;DW: “too long, didn’t write.”


  • Should we publish statements on our blog when we publish text that was written by AI?
  • How can we improve human-made content's visibility in search engine rankings for topics that are overrun by mediocre AI-generated posts?
  • Considering that Google is going to use all the public information it scrapes for training their AI source, would it make more sense to think of a way to unearth human generated content without using the traditional search engines? We do already have some alternatives, like using link, blogroll, webring, ... Or do we not care about it and accept it as the price we need to pay (I hope not)?
  • What are the ways to avoid the AI generated content?

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