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A Quick Introduction

I am a visual artist - primarily working in drawing, photography, and printmaking.

In my day job I've been a Front End/UI developer, a development team manager, and I am now working as a solution architect (for the past 8 years or so).

My Website

My website is at where you can find more about me or read my blog The Artist’s Notebook.

My site is focused on my artwork and my writing about my artistic practice. There is some artwork and writing by other artists and writers archived on there as well, but these days it is all about my artwork and writing.


My site is hand-coded PHP on a lightweight third-party MVC framework. No third-party JS or CSS libraries are used. No analytics packages (apart from server-side logs) are used.

I've implemented microformats on many pages now, but I'm sure there are still some missing.

I maintain a changelog for my site at

Things I've done this past week or two

  • Added a sparkline graph of blog post frequency
  • Something fun with my 404 page

Things I'm planning to do in the forthcoming week or two

  • Investigate implementing Bridgy as the syndication part of my basic POSSE Posts setup


  • Ability to follow my blog using ActivityPub e.g. on Mastodon, PixelFed, etc.,
  • Ability to follow my artwork using ActivityPub e.g. on Mastodon, PixelFed, etc.,
  • Display responses to blog posts received via Webmentions and PingBacks.
  • Move my Notes from various social media platforms to self-hosted and then feed them to the external platforms POSSE-style (in progress!)

Other Projects

Wiki ideas

An idea for some alternative content for near the top of

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