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A definition on the IndieWeb wiki should be a basic, plain English description of the term (or phrase) naming a wiki page, with an explicit connection to the term’s relevance to the IndieWeb, and ideally without any use of jargon.

Good page definitions are a key part of wikifying.

How to

Be specific

Be specific and meaningful in definitions, certainly more than just a link and/or restatement using the same or similar terms.

Definitions include IndieWeb relevance

When defining a term, include why it is specifically relevant to the IndieWeb (if that's not obvious from the description), beyond just a "normal" definition that could have come from Wikipedia (no need to replicate or summarize Wikipedia here, and do not copy from Wikipedia, instead link to it).

Tweetable definitions

Write definitions that are Tweetable, as there is evidence that people will tweet good definitions that are of tweetable length (including a subsequent link to the page) - that's 257 characters (space + 23 characters for the tco'd link).


Use the dfn element around the term being defined, and MediaWiki bolding, e.g.

  • A '''<dfn>definition</dfn>''' on the IndieWeb wiki…

How not to

Things to avoid in definitions:

  • repeating words from the term
  • generic abstract definitions (the IndieWeb is not Wikipedia)
  • jargon
    • If absolutely necessary (e.g. many technical terms make sense only in terms of other technical terms), use as few jargon terms as possible, and then link/define them too.

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