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Les Orchard

About Me / Elsewhere

Sr. Web Developer, Mozilla Corporation

Areas of Interest

Syndication feeds (RSS/Atom); Activity Streams; mashups; data ownership; user-sovereignty.

Working On

  • feeder2 - Latest attempt at a web feed poller & general node.js saw-sharpening

Thinking about

  • Simple static web hosting service
    • No smarts, no structure beyond URLs. Put this content at that URL under my (sub)domain.
    • Like Amazon S3 but with a non-horrible on-ramp
    • Like Dropbox but specifically for scalable web hosting
    • Like remoteStorage but (again) specifically for web hosting
    • Simple API with Oauth(ish?) permission dance for apps


  • hasn't got respectable SSL


Used to work on these things. I stopped. Might start again, someday. Then again, maybe not.