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verify-me is a browser extension that checks if rel-me links on the current page link back, and shows badges if they do.


The code for the plugin is on github. You can install on Firefox or Chrome from there. The plugin is also published in the Chrome extension store.

It uses the backend to check if links are bidirectional

It now does the link checking using local fetches

To Demo

  • Load the plugin as above, and go to
  • You should see a list of links at the right.
    • If you're on mobile, scroll to the bottom to see them.
  • click the green checkmark by the nav bar
  • Gradually, green tickmarks will appear next to the links as the indiewebify callbacks complete.
  • Click on one of the links, eg Twiitter or Github
  • click the green checkmark by the nav bar
  • You'll see a green checkmark appear by the URL.
  • Go to other twitter users, see if they link back by getting a red cross or green tick mark.

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