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Bear is Indieweb'r creating and using Python toolkits living near Philadelphia, PA.

As one of the few Indieweb'r folks who runs servers and services for a living, please don't hesitate to enlist my aid in anything you may need as far as Ops help or advice. (seriously)

Photo of Bear

Bear is currently senior member of the SRE team at CircleCI.


  • kaku a Python Flask app and tools to handle dynamic IndieWeb events: Micropub, Webmention, and Token endpoints. Currently being self-dogfooded at
  • ronkyuu a Webmention Toolkit for Python
  • ninka a Indieauth Toolkit for Python


  • [IndieWeb Commitment] list
  • import Pinboard activity to my site
    • this will let me archive my bookmarks and twitter activity
    • pinboard also saves all the html from twitter and bookmarks
  • create archive subdomain like site archive
  • 2016 IndieWeb Commitment list:
    • --done-- Finish micropub endpoint to enable update and delete actions
    • --done-- Finish wiring up plumbing needed to generate a page once a micropub event happens
    • --done-- Add oembed support for my own pages

Wiki Gardening Todo

please do add items to this if you feel a section needs some love...

  • nginx review latest changes to nginx config and make sure they are current and sane
  • email review and keep working on samples and examples
  • aggregators read and grok page, it's a stub so it needs some love
  • feeds add some depth to the criticism part of this page to add notes and thoughts from when I was in the trenches working on the Atom spec back in the day
  • _done_ - specifically add an == Itches == section per wikifying#Wikify_yourself :)