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ProcessWire is an open source PHP content management system/content management framework.


ProcessWire Webmention

ProcessWire Webmention adds webmention support to your ProcessWire site. Includes support for Vouch extension and an admin interface to view, process, delete, or change the visibility of received webmentions. It can also monitor a blogroll or allowlist and add new links it finds to the list of approved vouch domains. gRegor Morrill maintains and uses this plugin on since 2015-07-12.

ProcessWire IndieAuth

ProcessWire IndieAuth allows users to sign into your site using IndieAuth. gRegor Morrill maintains and uses this plugin on since 2016-03-17.

Indieweb Examples

Amanda MacLean

Amanda MacLean uses ProcessWire at, set up at IndieWebCamp 2014.

Gregor Morrill

gRegor Morrill migrated to ProcessWire 2015-07-12.

Thors­ten Koni­gor­ski

Thors­ten Koni­gor­ski uses ProcessWire on

  • As of 2018-04, using the ProcessWire Webmention plugin as well

Implementation Details

Processwire is written in PHP and uses MySQL for primary content storage.

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