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Transformative is  Barry Frost's open source IndieWeb personal website software, in use at since 2016-11-10. All source code is available on GitHub. Content and media are also stored in a git repository and any changes pushed via a webhook to the database cache.



  • Accepts Microformats2: h-entry, h-event, h-cite and h-card
  • Stores all content in Microformats2 JSON format
  • reply-context (and Repost and Like contexts) parsed and stored as h-cites
  • Webmention source parsed and stored as h-cites
  • Context and webmention authors parsed and stored as h-cards
  • Implements post-type-discovery (plus addition of proposed bookmark type)
  • Native entry types:
    • Note
    • Article
    • Photo
    • Video
    • Bookmark
    • Reply
    • Repost
    • Like
    • RSVP
    • Check-in




  • Syndication to Twitter of posts
  • Syndication to Pinboard of bookmarks via its API


  • Posts can be created with h-card URLs as categories
  • person-tag h-card is parsed and person's name is displayed as category (tag)


  • Storage of all content in a public GitHub repository to view, fork and (pull-)request corrections
  • Rebuildable database (only) used for caching/querying of MF2 JSON data
  • Media stored in GitHub and served from Amazon S3
  • WebSub pings sent after post creation/update
  • indie-action buttons to allow actions directly from a post
  • Forces all pages and content to be served over SSL
  • Location support: place names and geo: URLs
  • RSS and JSON feeds of posts
  • View posts by categories/tags
  • Monthly archive index pages
  • Navigate index pages using pagination


  • Ruby 2.3.x
  • PostgreSQL 9.4 or newer
  • GitHub account
  • AWS S3 bucket

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