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Pinboard is a silo for hosting bookmarks that you may POSSE to using the WordPress Syndication links plugin.


  • Add bookmarks with URL, title, description, and tags.
  • Add plain text "notes" as bookmarks on without having to save it somewhere as a web page first.
    • title, tags, and note field. Note field supports Markdown
  • Permanently saves copies of bookmarked pages and offers full-text search for additional fee.
  • Can auto-add bookmarks from Instapaper, Readability, Pocket accounts.
  • Can import bookmarks from up to three Twitter accounts
    • Bookmark links contained in your tweets
    • Bookmark links in tweets you favorite
    • Add hashtags as tags
  • Backup your bookmarks in multiple formats
    • XML "same as Delicious v1 API"
    • HTML "legacy Netscape format almost everyone can read"
    • JSON
    • Archived tweets can also be exported in JSON
  • . . .

IndieWeb Examples


atomicules has gotten POSSE to Pinboard working using Jekyll combined with custom deploy/syndication scripts on since 2015-03-31


  • WordPress Syndication Links plugin supports POSSEing to Pinboard


Lack of programmatic permalinks

It does not seem possible to obtain the Bookmark ID as a return value when adding a bookmark via the API, thus unclear how to automatically create permalinks to POSSEd posts. This means it isn't possible to add a u-syndication link to the syndicated copy on the original post.

Bookmark Twitter Activity


  • Many users moved to Pinboard after Delicious announced its supposed shutdown in 2010.
  • Pinboard ultimately acquired what was left of Delicious in 2017. [1]

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