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Read later is an indication on (or relating to) a website that one wants to save the URL to come back and read the content at a future time.

Indieweb Examples

Rick Mendes

Rick Mendes uses hashtags #readlater and #readinglist on his Known site 1. He provides additional details and discussion here.

Chris Aldrich

Chris Aldrich has been experimenting with general reading posts/workflows, some of which are discussed here: A New Reading Post-type for Bookmarking and Reading Workflow. In December 2016, I began using PressForward to internally save private bookmarks for things I want to read later, as well as a way to easily publish them as read posts when done.

gRegor Morrill

gRegor Morrill has been experimenting by posting book titles prefixed with "Want to read:" since 2016-04-06

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Defunct Silos

Archiving Apps with similar functionality

bookmark sites

These allow one to bookmark URLs which could potentially be tagged as read/unread, thereby providing this type of read it later functionality.

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