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2 πŸ”– bookmarks are sometimes part of the information about a post displayed on the post itself, sometimes in a post footer, like a total number bookmark responses, icons of recent bookmarkers, or even a datetime ordered list of bookmarks.

Note: if you're looking for information about a bookmark post itself, see:


By displaying a summary of bookmarks of your post, you show that there are (and can be more) some light interaction with your post. It also shows immediate feedback to those that have bookmarked your posts with their own indie bookmark responses.

How to

How to display

When a post receives a webmention from a bookmark, it can choose to display it similar to a favoriting/liking of that post, as well as optionally displaying a number of bookmarks.

IndieWeb Examples

The following posts display information about "bookmarks of" somewhere in their footer / comments, either a count of bookmarks of the post, and/or listings of the actual bookmarks of in time sequence order with other activity on the post.

Jeremy Keith

Jeremy Keith since ????-??-?? displays bookmarks after the content of his posts:

  • e.g. (at bottom of post footer)
    • Displays "2 Bookmarks" using HTML details/summary elements
      • <details class="p-comment h-entry"><summary><h3 class="p-name" style="display: inline">2 Bookmarks</h3></summary>...
    • When twiddled open, it shows a right-aligned list of who (person name) bookmarked the post where the name of the person is linked to their bookmark post permalink

Marty McGuire

Marty McGuire since at least 2017-01-26 displays bookmarks after the content of a post. Bookmarks are displayed in a facepile with the author avatar linking to the bookmark post.

WordPress plugin

David Shanske Displays bookmarks using the Post Kinds plugin. Example: ... (permalink needed)

(presumably, since the Post Kinds plugin does everything :) need to verify with David Shanske)

Silo Examples

Are there any?

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