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Instapaper is a content hosting silo for bookmarks, focused on saving articles to be read at a later date.


Instapaper was created by Marco Arment in 2008, sold to betaworks in 2013, got (bought by Pinterest) in 2016, then became independent again in 2018 and still is.


Export lacks date added

When you export bookmarks from your Instapaper queue, it doesn't provide the date-time that you added them to Instapaper.

2013-08-16 Feature request filed:
@instapaper Feature request: please add (bookmark created_at) datetime to the exports. <3
2013-09-05 feature re-requested:
@instapaperhelp Also, neither the HTML nor CSV contains timestamps of when the entry was created. Please add that (as ISO 8601 preferably).

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