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Delicious is a bookmarks silo that was among the first to implement tags, and user-tagging (AKA folksonomy), and present a UI of popular tags. Pinboard acquired delicious in 2017. Starting 2017-06-15 the site was put in read-only mode and delicious users were given the option to migrate to Pinboard or export their bookmarks. [1]


  • 2003 – Launched as
  • 2005 - Acquired by Yahoo
  • 2007 – rebranding as Delicious, new domain
  • 2011 - Acquired by AVOS Systems, YouTube co-founders
  • 2014 - Acquired by Science, Inc, former MySpace executive [2]
  • 2016 - Transitioned to Delicious Media, new company of Domainersuite and Science, Inc. [3]
  • April 2016 – switched from back to domain.
  • 2017 - Acquired by Pinboard [4]

How to export your data

Export was an available feature for portions of the product's life, but not under others. In particular, during a long stretch of 2016-2017 under the Science, Inc. ownership, export was not available. Science, Inc. promised the feature would return, but it did not under their ownership.1

screen capture of Delicious data not available for export

As a result of the inability of export, at least one developer wrote a script to allow a limited version of export.

Following the acquisition by Pinboard, it was promised that the data export feature would be turned back on before the website was frozen on 2017-06-15 at which point no new bookmarks would be allowed to be created.

2017-06-11 The native export function on the site was finally re-enabled at

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