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Barry Frost

Hello, I'm Barry, a CTO (full-time director, part-time hacker) based in Surrey and London in the UK.

I attend the London Homebrew_Website_Club.

IndieWeb projects


I'm building Transformative, my IndieWeb personal website software in Ruby that I use at

It's the third version of my software intended to support IndieWeb technologies (the first launched in September 2013) but I've used as my personal domain since 2002.


Micropublish is my Micropub web client, first released in February 2015. The latest version supports Micropub creates, edits, deletes and undeletes.


Promulgate is a WebSub hub I'm building. It uses Redis for data storage and Sidekiq for background jobs. It's currently in use by my site for its WebSub pings.


Acquiescence is a simple IndieAuth authorization and token endpoint. Currently it supports one OAuth2 provider (GitHub) because that's what I prefer. I use Acquiescence for my own site's auth/token endpoint.

Webhook Mentions

Although I don't use GitHub Pages to host my site, I wanted to experiment with a way of updating allowing static sites to automatically send webmentions. Webhook Mentions allows you to take advantage of GitHub's free and simple hosting while using core IndieWeb technologies.


Tokenate is a tiny web app to help retrieve scoped tokens from a token endpoint. I used it to help test Transformative.

I can help with

  • Ruby (to a reasonable level)
  • nginx setup and SSL
  • Heroku and Digital Ocean hosting advice/tips