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Bundle is a set publishing tools for the Indieweb built using Python and Django.

People using it on their own site:


Note: this documentation is purely for informational purposes.

I'm working on all aspects of this project purely for my own use.

Post Types

Bundle currently supports:

  • articles - long-form infrequent posts with content authored as HTML files with some Django custom templates. Articles can have custom styling stored as CSS files with the same file name as the article file (identified by a unique slug from the permalink).
  • notes - short-form frequent posts with content authored as plain text which is converted to HTML with smart-typography conversion and auto-linking of URLs. Note can be a reply, like or repost.

Tools Used

Bundle internally uses the following tools:

  • Django as a web-framework for Python
  • MySQL as database
  • mf2py to parse microformats
  • ronkyuu to send and receive webmentions
  • using Manifold to store notes as HTML+mf2+JSON.

Working On

Currently working on:

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