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Dark Matter is a personal publishing platform project (created with Ruby on Rails) by Shane Becker and Bookis Worthy. http://darkmatterapp.com

Dark Matter Platform

The longer term plan is build a collection of apps that work separately or together to provide a person with her #indieweb needs. The first app is Publisher. The second will likely be Reader or Contacts.

Dark Matter Publisher

Post Types

Publisher supports the following 8 kinds of posts.

Planned post types:

Publishing standards

Publishing support includes:

Backward-Compatible Support

  • Atom feeds for homepage adn post-type feeds (/notes/feed, /photos/feed, etc)


Planned Features

  • Auto-embedding linked media (images, video, audio, tweets, page preview/summary, etc)
  • webmention sending and receiving
  • POSSE syndication to silos (Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Vimeo, et al)
  • Micropub support for client posting apps
  • original post discovery to properly link replies when given a syndicated URL
  • Auto-populate tags field from #hashtags in a post's content
  • Facebook Open Graph tags
  • Twitter Cards
  • Markdown support in post editor
  • Themes
  • Multi-author support

Development Technology

Dark Matter Reader

We have plans to eventually build a feed reader too. It'll read RSS/Atom, h-entry, and popular silo snowflake APIs (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, et al). It will be usable standalone or in conjuction with an instance of Dark Matter Publisher.

Dark Matter Contacts

We have plans to eventually build a contact manager too. It'll be an adressbook of people, people/sites you follow, people you link to, places you geo-tag posts at, places you host events at, etc. It will be usable standalone or in conjuction with an instance of Dark Matter Publisher.

Open Source

Our work is primarily focused on one repo right now:

All of Dark Matter is open source. It's very much a work in progress.


The license will be the same license I always use: Public Domain.


Your heart is as free as the air you breathe. The ground you stand on is liberated territory.

In legal text, Dark Matter is dedicated to the public domain using Creative Commons -- CC0 1.0 Universal.


After all, sharing does mean caring.

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