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A collection is a type of post that explicitly lists and/or embeds multiple other posts chosen by the author.

IndieWeb Examples

Kyle Mahan

Kyle Mahan uses Red Wind to publish collection posts on since 2014-04-14. Example:

Aaron Parecki

Aaron Parecki uses p3k to publish collection posts on since 2014-08-14. Example:

Stephen Paul Weber

singpolyma uses WordPress to publish collection posts on Example:

following list (~ contact list)


kongaloosh has been publishing collection posts on since 2015/07/25. Collections are responses to multiple posts on the site. So, an album of pictures would merely be in-response-to many image posts. Example:

To better format albums has also been publishing collections of images, or albums, since since 2016/08/1. Albums are collections of images with text associated with sub-groups of images.

Grant Richmond

Grant Richmond uses collections to create photo albums. Example:

Chris Aldrich

Chris Aldrich has a collection of posts about the IndieWeb:

Silo Examples


Storify is a silo for collecting tweets (Twitter notes). Examples:

Twitter Moments

Twitter made Moment creation available to all users around 2o16-09-30. Moments are collections of tweets with text and a featured imge, and can be added to once published.


Foursquare allows users to create lists of related venues, then they have a 'best of' which I suppose is a collection of collections collection-foursquare-best-of.png


Collections can change over time but typically don't change often. Changes to collections typically consist of additions, rarely is something removed from a collection. Things may be added to the collection in a specific location within the collection, since the order of the items in the collection is significant.

Changes might be reflected by update posts, e.g. the photos that have been added to a set or notification of a correction to a post.

Different from a feed

Feeds are typically automatically-generated sets of date-ordered posts where the set changes often, new posts showing up at the top of the feed, and old posts dropping off.


pull request

Main article: edit#Lightweight_Pull_Request

A pull request post could be modeled as a collection post of edit posts of individual files.

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