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Alex Kearney


I'm a Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence student at the University of Edinburgh. I'm president of Edinburgh University Hoppers for 2014-2016. I'm mostly interested in Applied Machine learning, spending most of my time working on using Reinforcement Learning with Bionic Limbs. More stuff about me is here.

Currently working on my blog: Kongaloosh. It's source is here in all of it's spaghetti glory.

Doing (main itches)

  • better editing and posting interface
  • mapping
  • a way to present my HTML slides from old-talks


  • photo archival of photos from 1890-present
  • testing and refactoring


  • some image hosting solution to put up all my old photographs
  • geocoord to place-name stored in current format
  • posse to twitter
  • posse to facebook
  • indie-actions for Twitter
  • a webmention-box
  • web mention
  • better in-reply-to
  • better presentation of image collections
  • micropub
  • post-publish editing
  • a sqlite db for caching posts
  • image posts
  • markdown posts