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Storify is a silo for creating collections, shutting down 2018-05-16. It is commonly used to collect tweets but custom text, photos, and links can also be included.

How to export

To get a static HTML file you can simply append .html to the storify url, e.g. becomes The HTML contains the text of collected posts and is thus easier to archive (send it to too while it is still available!).

Alternatively, you can follow the more complex instructions from to get the same result:

Exporting content from Storify can be done in a few simple steps:

  1. Log in to Storify at
  2. Mouse over the story that contains content you would like to export and select "View."
  3. Click on the ellipses icon and select "Export."
  4. Choose your preferred format for download.
  5. To save your content and linked assets in HTML, select - File > Save as > Web Page, Complete.
  6. Repeat the process for each story whose content you would like to preserve.

Some useful additional details and tricks for exporting Storify content can be found at Alan Levine's site: Storify Bites the Dust. If You Have WordPress, You Don’t Need Another Third Party Clown Service

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