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My site currently powered by WordPress + Diso Extended Profile + Diso Actionstream + Webmention + PubSubHubBub + Semantic Linkback

I post articles and notes (either of which can also be a reply and can also include an image), with an articles-only feed ( and a notes-only feed ( and a feed of all my activity (which includes some stuff I back-feed from places like Reddit and Github: and well as other feeds that are not PuSH enabled.

I accept replies to my posts through Pingpack, Webmention, an on-site UI, and Salmon.

I'm interested in getting the whole social web linked up. That means is one of my favourite things. It also means I try to contribute patches to GNUsocial/RedMatrix/Frendica/etc to make them talk to each other and to indiewebbers more easily. It also means I'll often push to re-used existing tech over the normal re-invent-everything philosophy most communities seem to have.