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PhotoPostr is a Micropub client for posting photo albums. It is available at


PhotoPostr is created by Grant Richmond using a simple node.js backend and a React frontend.

PhotoPostr is able to handle very large photo albums. Grant Richmond has successfully posted a 1.42GB album of 92 photos. View the created album

Photo Handling

PhotoPostr posts photos to the micropub media endpoint and will create an individual photo post for each post. Photos are created with the "gallery-photo" category, the user will probably want to hide these posts from their feeds and only show the actual album post.

When uploading photos PhotoPostr will look at the Exif data of the photos it receives and maps some of the properties to the appropriate micropub properties. This includes:

  • Name from the filename
  • Date from the exif original date
  • Location from the exif GPS latitude and longitude

Users can then edit all these properties as well as the content of the photo post as well as drag and drop photos to reorder them.

Album Posts

The album post is created with a collection of children (the individual photo posts). At the time of writing since a lot of micropub endpoints do not handle children PhotoPostr also sends a collection property with the urls to the photo posts.

Album posts will have the category "gallery".

Album posts also support a name, content and slug.



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