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featured is a proposed mf2 property (typically as u-featured) for h-entry that indicates a representative image for a post.


To indicate which image (among many potentially) should be used in summaries or other link-preview use-cases for a post.


Add the class name "u-featured" to the <img> tag that you want used as the featured image for your post.

IndieWeb Examples

Ryan Barrett

Ryan Barrett uses u-featured occasionally on articles on https://snarfed.org/, since 2014-09-23:

Kartik Prabhu

Kartik Prabhu on all articles on https://kartikprabhu.com/ uses "u-featured" on thumbnail images since sometime in 2015-??-??.

Michael Bishop

Michael Bishop on all articles at https://miklb.com uses u-featured for featured images inserted with the WordPress featured image feature. Since 2017. Wrote a little how-to accomplish with template tag or filter.

  • by its nature, retro-actively applied the class to all WP featured images.

Marty McGuire

Marty McGuire on events on https://martymcgui.re/, since 2016-11-02:

Chris Aldrich

Chris Aldrich on all articles at http://boffosocko.com with WordPress Post Thumbnails/Featured Images (retroactively since 4/25/17); also used selectively on posts since ~2/2017



Bridgy Publish will detect a 'u-featured' photo in the absence of any 'u-photo' and use it, e.g. in a POSSE tweet since 2017-04-11.


More Use-cases

There has been thinking, starting in December 2018, that featured is an image that represents a post, regardless of the content of the post (beyond the banner image or first inset image in an article). Examples:

  • cover art for an audio podcast post
  • preferred photo to show-first (and in link-previews) for a multi-photo
  • thumbnail or album thumbnail / thumbnail grid for a multi-photo
  • video thumbnail for a video

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