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A banner image is a wide image (AKA header image or hero image), typically in an aspect ratio of 2:1 to 4:1, displayed as a backdrop at the top of a profile page or post permalink.


Banner images help give a home page a distinctive, recognizable look, and can also provide a text overlay of the tagline of a site or page.

Topical banner images can be used to give a summary or an evocative context for a blog post on a specific topic.

How to

Embed a banner image near or at the top of a page, optionally stretching it using CSS to fill the full width of the page.

If your banner image has text, please make sure you mark it up alt text for that text at a minimum, and regardless, consider a brief textual description of the image as well.

How to markup

⚠️ There is currently no agreed upon way of marking up banner images in general, aside from a strong encouragement to provide alt text.

🤔 A banner image for a post could be marked up as a u-featured image, however, there are no known examples of doing so.

⛔️ DO NOT mark up as a u-photo, because a banner image is decorative content, NOT primary content, unless you are literally posting about the banner image itself (or multiple.

IndieWeb Examples

Add yourself!

Add yourself here… (see this for more details)


epoch banner image on homepage marked up as a u-featured

IndieWeb Banners

Thanks to Chris Aldrich for these banners!

General description: artistic looking banners using a beautiful photo background and a pithy IndieWeb-related statement or call to action in white serif text on top, with "" in an IndieWeb logo colored (yellow, orange, red) smaller text somewhere separate from the pithy statement.

Home Page

The IndieWeb is a people-focused alternative to the "corporate web".

Featured on IndieWeb and Getting Started.


Figure out how you want to fit into the network.

Featured on POSSE.


Control you don’t typically find in social media

Featured in a section in why.

Your Home

Build the internet home you’ve always wanted.

Featured on projects.

The home you’ve always wanted on the internet.

Featured on homepage.

Creative Freedom

Your words. Your way.

Featured on writing.

The web is your canvas. Don’t let a corporation limit you.

Not featured on any page currently. Suggest one!

The web is your canvas. Which brush will you choose?

Featured on indieweb network.


Principles and their metaphors.

All our amps go to eleven.

Not featured on any page currently. Suggest one!

Own Your Data

Reap what you sow. Plant your content into the field of your own website.

Featured on own your data.

Who needs a billion dollar typewriter? Type it for your website.

Featured on How to transition from Twitter.

Eat What You Cook

Slow Social
Try eating what you cook on your own website
Rely less on the unhealthy fast food of corporate social media

Featured on eat what you cook.


Do your own thing.

Featured on different.

Knit your own web identity.

Featured on personal-domain.

Escape Silos

Don’t let your content rot in the dilapidated corporate social media silos.

Featured on silo.

Why are you still posting your content to social media instead of your own website?

Featured on social media.

Not all social media is the same.

Featured on social web.

The bright idea that corporate social media missed.

Featured on how-to-sponsor.

Temporal or Seasonal

Once the haze of 2020 lifts, consider a healthier way to manage your online identity and social media.

Not featured on any page currently. Suggest one!

Happy Newwww.Year!

Featured on newwwyear.

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