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The indieweb is different from previous efforts like blogging, federation, decentralization, etc.

Beyond Blogging and Decentralization

While the IndieWeb shares many of its principles with other efforts/communities, yet there are some key aspects that distinguish the IndieWeb from previous efforts.

  • Principles over project-centrism. There are many similar efforts that are based on a single (often open source) project. We believe a community developing a plurality of projects following a set of principles is more robust and produces better results than any such monoculture.
  • Selfdogfood. The best way to figure out what's most important, and actually build it, is to scratch your own itch, by creating for and on your personal domain, and iterating.
  • Design and UX first, formats/protocols second. We focus on UX first, and then as we figure that out we re-use/subset/implement/iterate/develop the absolutely simplest most minimal formats & protocols necessary to support that UX.

Indie but not a company

The IndieWeb is certainly indie and strongly supports independence and independents.

The IndieWeb is a community and a commons, not a company.

The company "ind.ie" (with the ".") is pursuing "indie technology" and does re-use some indieweb principles, yet is distinct from the IndieWeb.

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