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A tagline is a short phrase intended to uniquely identify a person, product, or company, usually displayed visually on a web page shortly after the name.

IndieWeb Examples

Silo Examples

  • GooglePlus has a tagline field in the About page.
  • WordPress has a specific tagline field for blogs that most often appears under the site title to be used this way
  • Known's subtitle field can be used this way
  • Blogger's description field for blogs can be used this way

Differences from Bio

A bio is typically one or more grammatically complete sentences, whereas a tagline is typically a partial sentence or series of words. A tagline is not always descriptive of the thing, whereas a bio is intended to be descriptive. Additionally, bios are normally only associated with people, whereas taglines apply to companies or products as well.

Marking up

Many blogs have a subtitle feed that functions as a tagline. In Atom these are marked up as subtitle For h-feed using p-summary is suggested to mark this up. unmung translates atom subtitle to p-summary eg

IndieWeb Tagline

The indieweb.org (formerly indiewebcamp.com) website has had a tagline since 2012.


Uses in Press

Similar Usage

Others have expressed the challenge / opportunity we (as a community) are facing / solving in similar ways, with a similar contrast:

  • 2016-08-10 @anildash: The lost infrastructure of social media
    "My hope is that those who are building tools today will see what’s come before and use it as inspiration to help give voice to people on the web in ways that are a bit more open-ended and a little less corporate-controlled than the platforms we have today."
    [see also lost infrastructure] This clear contrast of people vs. corporate is very much akin to the contrast in our tag line of
    The IndieWeb is a people-focused alternative to the "corporate web".
    emphasis added in both blockquotes.


Brainstorming new/alternate/additional IndieWeb taglines below.

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