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Squarespace is a content hosting service (paid) that provides services such as blogging and domain hosting.

Squarespace is somewhere between a silo like WordPress.com and a full fledged web hosting service.

How To

IndieAuth with rel-me links

@@ need instructions for SquareSpace V7 @@

Your own domain

Export your data from Squarespace

Content in a Squarespace site can be exported as XML:

Can I export my site? - yes you can. "The file exported will in be in an .xml format that can be imported into a Wordpress installation."

Individual pages can also be read as JSON:

For example, the page at http://developers.squarespace.com can be read as JSON at http://developers.squarespace.com?format=json and at http://developers.squarespace.com/?format=json-pretty

The JSON responses for Squarespace pages include the HTML rendered text of the body of the page, together with a limited set of metadata.


Principles Support

During the 2018 Superbowl, Squarespace had several ads featuring Keanu Reeves that were very supportive of IndieWeb principles:

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WqnhN2Rzaqc - "Make It With Keanu Reeves"
    When passion meets inspiration, an obsession is born. Hold on to this dream and tell the world. All you need is a domain and a website from Squarespace. The world is waiting. Make it.
    • (more quotes needed from the video(s) that advocate specific indieweb principles at least in meaning, if not directly by use of similar language)
    • shown at events/2018-02-07-homebrew-website-club
  • ...


  • The 'gallery' page type is limited and not very customisable. For instance, you can't use it to tell a rich photo story easily tommorris on IRC 2014-12-04

Historical Issues

Historical Version 6

The following How-tos were for a previous version of SquareSpace and no longer apply.

IndieAuth with rel-me links v6

How to setup Web sign-in on your Squarespace website:

Multiple Domains v6

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