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How To was a session at IndieWebcamp Austin 2019.

Notes archived from https://etherpad.indieweb.org/howto

IndieWebCamp Austin 2019
Session: How to link Instagram and Twitter to your site
When: 2019-02-23 13:00



  • introductions, name + physical activity

hackysac, paddleboarding, rockclimbing, biking, swimming, sleeping, eating choclate in a park, canyon and waterfall hiking, taking photos, running



  • has publishing function as well for cross-posting
  • does backfeed - bringing responses from services back to your site
  • what is the oauth mechanism... indieauth
  • cross post to foursquare or Swarm
  • Micro.blog to support twitter cross posting $2
  • what text stack are you using, to what extent do you want to write your own code or plug and play
  • mastadon pluggin makes things nice :)
  • what are our platforms
  • python
  • github pages

Check the IndieWeb wiki for platforms, projects, CMS, or even programming language to find pre-existing examples and methods. This can make getting up and running much faster and simpler and even provide design examples of how these things are commonly done or have been done in the past.

  • instagram for sharing photos, nice interface and social media. use POSSE

indieweb.org/jekyll gitpub micropub-to-github

what is ? ask this on the chat or slack using Loqi

paste your favorite tutorial or howtos here

Pain points or barriers to entry

  • public by default if privacy is a concern
  • fragility if you integrate with a service you rely on that service
  • lack of guanunteed support
  • apis versus scrapping
  • need your own website. little of this stuff is free
  • nerdy and technical

if you have a index.html page is this a way to start? yes

"indie web is not a place, it's a state of mind "

-- David Shanske


Of the people that want assitance, what tools are people using currently and what is there level of expertise?


  • in the process of redoing it
  • uses wordpress but had someone else do the labor
  • usenet
  • blog spot
  • wants to use jango or possibly pelican and python
  • What people in the community are using python? Bundle uses python



intermediale level web dev coding skills

  • having a micropub client will allow you to leverage a lot of power including being able to use OwnYourGram and OwnYourSwarm
  • Micropub for Jekyll:

What is micropub?

  • a form encoded request sent to your website to publish something. based on the microformats syntax. wrapped in a html form request
  • once implemented and working, lots of clients you can use to post things to your site. very powerful once implemented
  • Aaron's Quill lets you post notes and longer articles. reference implementation.

Search the indie web wiki for a project for keywords (language, hosting application) to view some examples that you can use those open source versions to create what you need "no one should start from ground zero scrath". see examples of how people did this in the past and share your examples so people can follow along.

About the community

  • concentrated activity on camp days
  • began in 2010 in portland
  • indie web movement and indie web camp are two forces that joined together
  • 9th annual summit comming up, lots of in person and online
  • unsure about the census
  • bimonthly meetup is the homebrew website club. all you need is a coffee shop

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