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The IndieWebCamp Austin 2019 session grid is where notes and videos from all sessions can be found.

All times are local times.

Saturday February 23 2019

Time Capital Factory, 701 Brazos St, Austin, Texas
9:00 Doors open, coffee, and breakfast!

Welcome - Manton Reece
Keynote: State of Social Readers - Aaron Parecki

10:45 Personal site demos
11:30 Session Scheduling
12:00 Group Photo & Lunch
Main room Johnny Five 🤖l Open area 🤖l
13:00 Peer-to-Peer Websites with Dat


How To


14:00 Web Hosting and Migration


Location Data Sources


14:50 Microformats/You and Your H-Card




15:40 Link Rot, Data Rot, and Archiving


Personal Logging


16:30 Getting Started with Readers


Beyond Gmail
session cancelled, not enough interest
16:55 Day 2 preview

Sunday February 24

Work sessions. Make things on or for your personal site and demo it!


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