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Attendee Introductions at IndieWebCamp Austin 2019.

Manton Reece

  • Manton Reece
  • https://manton.org
  • blogging for about 17 years
  • used a few things over the years. Userland, Movable Type, WordPress, then last year switched to micro.blog
  • tries to keep short posts under 280 characters so they look good on Twitter
  • doesn't have any major things he wants to do. Added categories to micro.blog recently, so might work on categorizing posts
  • documenting his travel budgets
  • posts photos, has done some 30-day projects - new coffee shop every day and libraries (book libraries. Like paper.) https://manton.org/30-days/

Stephen Bowling

  • https://stephenbowling.com
  • connected to micro.blog to cross post to Twitter
  • likes to have the content on his site bc services go away
  • uses CraftCMS
  • writes long-form posts on technical topics
  • brings in photos from Instagram, scraping their JSON feed
  • interested in location tracking. Has 8 years of data via the Moves app
  • site was set up to import from Moves, but that app is shutdown now
  • using aaronpk's app, Overland
  • has a micropub plugin for CraftCMS

Aneel Nazareth

Tara Vancil

  • https://taravancil.com/
  • posts nail photos
  • site lags behind Instagram because IG UI is so nice
  • manually scraping images and putting in blog

David Millar

Rayna Harris

David Shanske

  • David Shanske
  • https://david.shanske.com
  • showing Indigenous for Android
  • it auto-suggests tags from your site
  • has location, can query your site for location info. make location public or private
  • posts a test post from the app, shows the post on his dev site with: map and weather

Aaron Parecki

  • Aaron Parecki
  • https://aaronparecki.com
  • has a "currently in" bar at the top of his site, showing "Austin, TX" currently, via Overland
  • shows his photos page, describes OwnYourGram
  • count is up to 20k+ photos "rescued from instagram" for OwnYourGram as a whole
  • added his photo on his reply posts so it's clearer it's something he wrote


  • Didn't want to go into much detail on the stream, willing to offline
  • Would like to see a curation layer on top of all this stuff, so good stuff rises to the top in public conversations online
  • would prefer people pay a penny for content rather than advertising.


  • has about 50 domains which he hasn't been doing much with
  • working on a way to deploy kubernetes stats easily if you're not familiar
  • kubash.org
  • texasnorml.org
  • conversations this site posts on Facebook are being filtered, hidden due to political nature

gRegor Morrill

Tom Brown



  • Tantek ร‡elik
  • http://tantek.com
  • tries really hard to post almost all his content there
  • all his own notes there since 2010, photos since ?, and github issue comments since last year
  • has had the left/right navigation arrows on posts for quite a while.
  • recently added navigation between days (not exposed in UI yet)
  • trim the URL to the day path and the arrows change to navigate by day (I think?)


  • introduced himself. No website, will be photographing and videoing this weekend.

Chris Aldrich (remote)

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