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Microformats/You and Your h-card was a session at IndieWebCamp Austin 2019.

Watch: ▶️39:00s

Notes archived from: https://etherpad.indieweb.org/microformats

IndieWebCamp Austin 2019
Session: Microformats
When: 2019-02-23 14:50



Each piece of information has a property identified in the class attribute

With these classes, a parser can extract that information.

Syntax is documented on microformats.org

Microformats 2 is prefixed.

  • h - Root object
  • p - plaintext value
  • u - URL value
  • dt - date value
  • e - html value (element tree properties where entire element is the value)

Aaron Parecki wrote a post about h-review for reviews

Questions from attendees

Q: Should we add microformats on the front of our list of pre-existing classes or the end?

  • A: Append microformats to the end of the list of other classes (which are typically used for CSS styling)

Q: Are they order dependent?

  • A: Parsers and other things don't care, so it shouldn't matter

Q: What is Webmention?

Services for webmention: webmention.io


  • additional representative photos that are marked up with mood, so that one could attach a mood to a post to specify a preference for which photo to be picked up by receiving sites (for webmentions).

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