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Douglas Beal


Douglas Beal is an independant software developer living in the Seattle Area, Washington. Pronouns: he/him/his

Elsewhere: @murderofcrows

Hi, Doug here. I was vaguely aware of IndieWeb because of the 2016 XOXO IndieWeb slack channel meetup. Fast forward to the kickstarter, which tickled the idea that I had been Yak shaving rather than blogging! I dusted off my lifetime ASmallOrange account, installed WordPress, and headed to IndieWeb Summit 2017 in Portland. I learned a lot, named [indiewebring|🕸💍], kept running into limitations of shared hosting, and channeled my inner 🐲.

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at Online IWC (remote) 2019-03-08 to micropub

Fancy travel maps

  • Indiana Jones Style [[1]]

  • hugo
  • add mf2

Events improvements

  • add Event and Invite formatting to Post Kinds
  • Calendar/iCal support
    • investigate WP plugins?


  • write Zero to Webmention using github


Letsencrypt wildcard

Next HWC





at Austin IWC (remote) 2019-02-23

at Seattle HWC 2019-02-20 17:30–19:30

  • ✅getting weird spam googlebot hits to /s?

TIL wordpress generates robot.txt by default 17:55 I’m getting wierd google bot crawl results to ?s or /search/…/rss. They are series of characters. They don’t actualy show up in my search console. Is this some sort of attempt to game google? 17:55 *** Loqi MODE +v dougbeal 17:56 I’m thinking of keeping the bot away with robots.txt

  • ✅created real robots.txt w/ addition of

Disallow: /?s* Disallow: /search/

at Seattle HWC 2018-10-17 17:30–19:30

Next HWC 2018-10-17


at HWC Seattle

Next HWC

at HWC Seattle

at vHWC

  • ✅run media endpoint
    • ✅pass micropub.rock

at (remote)

at HWC 07-25

  • worked on docker testing
  • no one but me at HWC, joined vHWC