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A review is a post evaluating a product or service, usually involving a written description, sometimes with summary numerical evaluations, also known as just a rating if it’s just a single numerical value or iconic representation like stars (★★★★☆).


You should own your reviews, just like you own your comments.

How to

How to publish

Current review publishing best practice is to post an h-review as you would otherwise post an h-entry.

(markup example needed)

IndieWeb Examples

Shane Becker

Shane Becker has posted reviews as articles, without explicit h-review markup:

Aaron Parecki

Aaron Parecki has posted a review as a note, without explicit h-review markup:

gRegor Morrill

gRegor Morrill has posted reviews with h-review markup as of 2017-04-02. My intent was initially to post an recipe with a link to Blue Apron recipes I've enjoyed, then I realized it was easy to wrap in an h-review at the same time:

Previously I had posted a review as an article, without explicit h-review markup:

Kyle Mahan

Kyle Mahan has posted reviews with explicit h-review markup

Christian Weiske

Christian Weiske has posted reviews with Microformats 1 hreview classes

Chris Aldrich

Chris Aldrich has been posting reviews since at least 2018-12-30:

add yourself!


Silo Examples


Main article: Amazon Reviews

Amazon is a review and ratings silo of sorts, in that they have a UI for creating reviews/ratings and host them on their own site.


Main article: Goodreads

Goodreads is a silo for keeping track of books, reviews, and reading progress. Amazon purchased Goodreads in 2013.


Main article: Yelp

Yelp is a review silo that also allows for checkins.


Main article: AirBnB Reviews

AirBnB also hosts reviews in addition to its primary use-case.


Main article: Letterboxd

Letterboxd is a silo for keeping track of films and reviews in what they call a "film diary".


IMDb is a large film and television database and silo that allows for rating content, writing reviews, creating watchlists, and adding media checkins among other functionalities.


GitHub allows posting of reviews as a response to a pull request. E.g.

When you're looking at a pull request on GitHub, the Files changed tab in particular, there's a "Review changes" drop-down in the topright of the view of the diffs.

Clicking it shows:

  • "Review summary" text field,
  • as well as radio group for
    • ( ) Comment
    • ( ) Approve
    • ( ) Request changes, and then
  • a "Submit review" button


POSSE to GitHub

It would be great to be able to post a review of a pull request to my own site, and POSSE it to GitHub, though this requires at a minimum marking up:

  • review summary/content - which h-review (and h-entry for that matter) already supports
  • choice of comment/approve/request changes
    • "comment" could just be the silent default - no other markup needed. just an h-review with content should work to make this work.
    • "approve" needs some explicit indication.
      • use a tag? <span class="p-category">approve</span>
      • similarly: <span class="p-category">changes</span> for request changes
      • or a custom rating field per h-review?
      • or ... ?

Next steps:

  • figure out some markup (perhaps gather at least one more silo example for which the markup would make sense)
  • experiment with a manual pull request review on an indieweb site
  • experiment with manually POSSEing it to GitHub
  • file an issue on Bridgy Publish to support POSSEing h-review posts of GitHub pull request URLs. Or perhaps allow minimum viable comment + special-tags for Bridgy to detect. Or encourage / allow both? (why? why not just use the minimum makrup that would work?)

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