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AirBnB Reviews is AirBnB's system for hosts rating guests and guests rating hosts after a stay.

Review Detail

Guests Reviewing Hosts

AirBnB prompts a guest to leave a review for a host after the stay.

First, the site asks for a star rating from 1 to 5 stars, 5 being the best.


Next, the site asks to select from a predefined list to indicate in which areas the host did particularly well.


Third, the site asks to select how your stay compared to your expectations on a scale of "much worse" to "much better"


The fourth step asks to rate a number of elements on a star scale from 1 to 5, including cleanliness, accuracy of the listing, and more. These ratings are visible only to the host, not part of the public review.


If you choose anything except 5 stars, a text box appears below and asks for details.


Step four also includes an opportunity to send a private note to the host.


The last step prompts to write a public review as free-form text.


Clicking "review tips" opens a window with a few things to keep in mind when writing a review:

  • Be honest, clear, and detailed.
  • Use specific examples when you can.
  • Share what surprised or delighted you.
  • Include info, good or bad, a future guest should know before booking.


After completing the text review, the site shows a confirmation with some text indicating the purpose of having filled out the review.


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