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want is a rare post type on the indieweb, where the author posts something (acquisition) or experience (book to read, movie to watch, venue to checkin, food/dish they'd like to try) they want get or do.


IndieWeb Examples


Tantek Çelik occasionally posts want posts as notes, e.g.:

gRegor Morrill

gRegor Morrill has been posting want posts as notes since 2016-04-06

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Related want list examples

Related to want posts, but not quite posts themselves, a few folks keep lists of things they want to acquire or consume.

Ryan Barrett

Ryan Barrett keeps lists of books, movies, games, beer, etc. he'd like to try.

Example list:

Master list-of-lists:

Silo Examples


Netflix has a "My List" functionality that allows adding and removing items one wants to watch to a list which includes a featured image, title, release year, rating, running time and allows one to drag and drop items into a particular order. Each item also has a convenient button to allow one to quickly move it to the top of one's list.


IMDb - has an editable watchlist functionality so one can create and custom name multiple lists that are sort-able via various criteria (date added, release date, alphabetical, rating, popularity, your rating, number of ratings, runtime). These lists can also be refined (or subsectioned) by type (film, TV, entire series), genre, where to watch, and release year.


Goodreads - provides a variety of ways to create and sort lists of books including default "All", "Read", "Want to read", and "Currently Reading" lists.


Amazon allows the creation of shopping and wishlists (see also wish) which one can put into a variety of orders. One can also create a watchlist for their video product as well. This list is separate from one's Video Library which includes items which have actually been acquired.


Huffduffer has a simple bookmarklet or browser functionality that essentially allows users to bookmark audio they intend or want to listen to in the future. One of its primary functionalities is to improve podcast discovery and easily allow users to subscribe to those feeds created so they can consume them easily at a future date.


Plurk was an early social silo that had a simple notelike posting interface which was prepended with the user's name/handle and a variety of verbs (including want) followed by a simple text box.



Letterboxd also has watchlist functionality that is sortable by date added, service, genre, decade, and watch status.


  • Beginning of some conversation/discussion on the topic began here.

Potentially similar to to-do lists, but for personal instead of work related projects. These might take the form of intentions, desires or wishes to do something in the future. Semantically they're different from wishes which are more akin to desires that others are likely to help fulfill on one's behalf rather than doing onesself.

Chris Aldrich

I have wishes posts (examples: http://boffosocko.com/kind/wish/), but other related intentions on the spectrum to read/see something I have typically done as bookmarks with added tags (want to read, want to watch) to be able to more easily search for subcategories. Examples: http://boffosocko.com/tag/want-to-read/ Often these are simple bookmark posts with either a "h/t", "via" or other written references to other sources where I've either seen/read something to spark the desire to do the specific activity. Example: http://boffosocko.com/2018/02/15/the-future-is-history-how-totalitarianism-reclaimed-russia-by-masha-gessen/

Typically once I've read a particular book, I'll remove the "want to read" tag, so in some sense my master list is dynamic without requiring a lot of additional build out. When I remember and actually read/watch the wanted thing, I'll reference the original so the comments section will have the webmention indicating it was done.

The Post Kinds Plugin actually defines wishes as "a post indicating a desire/wish" so it's meant to be a bit broader than just giftlists, etc.

I have considered doing a custom archive template to better display my want-to-* posts since the tag/want-to-* isn't always as useful (to me)


Tantek Çelik: I keep a list of movies to see, but I often forget why I added to it, or when, and am thinking that if I had a post for each of those, then the list could be an aggregation of them, minus all the watch / read posts.

Use-cases for explicit (and distinguishable) “want experience” posts:

  • Automatically generate list of things to watch/read/visit. I’d rather the collection be automatically built from want minus done posts rather than have to manually curate it.
  • Which of the movies / tv I want to watch on Netflix or otherwise available to easily view?
  • Which of the books I want to read are available at my local library?

Why: One key thing that I’d want to capture is the why behind the wish / want

  • Eg recommended by a friend (name)
    • Different from: via or ht, which are more who you heard from, but not necessarily a personal recommendation
  • Or: read the book before watching the movie

A bookmark post seems too minimal for this as the bookmark does not itself capture the intention of why it was bookmarked, or the intended action or thing.

“Better display” usually means an opportunity for a new post type (not always)

Maybe want (or wish) is the post type?

There's probably room for distinguishing experience/stuff wants (as well as wishes).

How to distinguish when you’re also wanting the experience, not the acquisition? E.g.

  • want (to read) a book
  • want (to watch) a movie (vs DVD acquisition)

And aggregate by tag for different thing / experience categories like read / watch / visit / or whatever for stuff.

Is there a spectrum of need / want / wish? ( / dream ?)

Perhaps the done / acquired post becomes a reply to the wish / want post?

To do lists are work -- Very different use case. Most (all?) wants are optional, not required.

Is there a counterpart for when you decide you no longer want something? Again with a particular reason?

Eddie Hinkle

  • Eddie Hinkle has posted “wanted to (watch/read/etc)” posts

https://eddiehinkle.com/2017/12/13/20/photo/ https://eddiehinkle.com/2017/04/19/5/watch/ I think the challenge is how do you know when the wish/want is granted? That’s one of my challenges with replacing Goodreads with my site (2018 goal) In my “wish” posts since they have all been media related, I’ve used my content to explain why, and the media info is contained in extra attributes


  • gRegor Morrill I put stuff on my to-read list pretty liberally. Most are not things I want as a gift, just something I'll check out of the library.

I was thinking the other day about wishlists. I was thinking I could add tag "wishlist" to my want-to-* posts and then the tag page would be the up-to-date list. I think I've included a "via" or "h/t" on some of my want-to-reads Here's an example of tracking where I heard of the book, in the want-to-*: https://gregorlove.com/2017/04/want-to-read-white-allies/ I think I've used "via" more recently, but did some with "h/t" https://gregorlove.com/2016/04/want-to-read-a-kim/ Most of the ones I've added in 2017 onward haven't included either though Goodreads has a "Who recommended it to me" field, which can be a name (autolink if they're a Goodreads friend), or just text. I include the podcast name + episode for those.

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