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Food is a post type that represents eating or drinking particular food or drink. Its content is often similar to a note or can be easily represented as plain text.


Why post food and drink that you consume? Perhaps as a way of tracking your own consumption.

Why post food and drink consumed in public posts? Perhaps as a way of holding yourself publicly accountable to what you eat and drink.

Amy Guy: I post these publicly so when people ask 'what do vegans eat' I can send them a URL.

Posting your food consumption is a way of creating visual art. Sharing what you eat lets the world see a bit more into your life: what is it that fuels you every day? What is it that you rely on to get you through the day? Do you drink coffee? Or do you prefer tea? Does fruit help you stay awake?

Posting food and drink is also a good way to share your eating principles with others. If someone asks "what food do you like," you will have a record to which you can point them. May not be that helpful but it's certainly a conversation starter.


No specific markup has been suggested for this aside from the usual h-entry for posts.

IndieWeb Examples

Aaron Parecki

Aaron Parecki uses his open source Teacup web and Pebble app to track food and drink consumption and publish to his website since 2014-10-03, with his backlog imported back to 2013-08-19.



Amy Guy tracked food by authoring markdown files since 2015-01-10, then switched to Teacup to track and publish food and drink since >whenever I implemented micropub<. Posts URLs only return the raw markdown source at the moment, but can be viewed in a list at

Eddie Hinkle

Eddie Hinkle uses Teacup web to track food and drink consumption and publish to his website since 2017-04-26. He has a standard generic icon for ate posts and drank posts, but he also includes special icons for: Mt. Dew, Cafe Mocha coffee and Popcorn.


Jonathan LaCour

Jonathan LaCour uses his open source Known Food Plugin to track food and drink consumption and publish it to his website since 2017-03-31.


Related food list examples

Related to food posts, but not quite posts themselves, a few folks keep lists of foods/drinks that they've consumed or want to consume, sometimes with annotations about whether they liked them or not.

Ryan Barrett

Ryan Barrett keeps lists of beer, whiskey, and wine he's had and would like to try:

Also somewhat related:



Possible components of presentation (via Aaron Parecki description of p3k)

somewhat represents the food or drink in broad categories
user entered, describes the food or drink

Possible enhancements:

of the item consumed
link that describes in more detail how the item was made
the place where a food or drink was consumed (i.e. a cafe, a restaurant). Could be referenced by name (i.e. The IndieWeb Cafe) or as a general category.
the price of a food or drink


I started tracking my food posts by writing in a text file on my phone. Now when I am somewhere without cell service, I continue to use the text file for offline food posts, and then post them after I get back to a network connection. - Aaron Parecki

Silo Examples


See Foodspotting.



Are drinks really food

Q: Are drinks really a kind of food? A subset of food? Or a kind of food?

A: Yes. The presence of phrases such as "liquid diet", and acceptance by at least some that a smoothie, e.g. as prepared by vendors like Jamba Juice, is an acceptable meal, seems to lend credence to considering drinks as a form of food.

Optimal ways to track food

Q: What is the best way to track food consumption?

Tracking food without silos

Q: There are apps that let you track your food, like the Fitbit app. Are there open-sourced alternatives / non-silo alternatives that make it easy to track food?

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