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Foodspotting ( was a social silo for posting consumption of food and drink (which they call spotting and individual posts spots) and optionally any or all of where (thus making it an actual checkin), whether you like it or love it, a photo, and review commentary. Users could view each other's "spots" and mark it a "great shot" or if they "want" to try it. Users earned "expert titles" if they rate/consume certain things. Users could also assemble guides or want lists.

Foodspotting was acquired by OpenTable and shut down 2018-05-25. [1]



  • Entering a new food item suggests items from an autocomplete list and gives you the option to add the text you entered if it was not found
  • Creating a post requires tagging a venue for the post
  • Creating a post requires adding a photo
  • Posts have a comment button as well as a "great shot" and "great find" reaction buttons
  • The "create draft" feature works with no network connection, and the autocomplete lists are limited to things you have entered on the phone before
  • The date used for the post is based on the date the photo was taken (for example when posting a photo from a month ago, the post shows the older date, and that it was created today)


  • API access requires that you submit a description of the application you are creating and is manually reviewed before getting access to the API.


Posting to Foodspotting, via their app, is easy but getting your content out is a little trickier. They do offer standard "share" options but nothing automatic. uses the WpeMatico plugin for WordPress to watch his Foodspotting RSS feeds. When a new entry appears it creates a post on his blog.

You can find the Foodspotting RSS feed for your posts by adding .rss to your profile URL -

As you can enter custom HTML when the WpeMatico plugin creates the post David Mead inserts the link back to the original post with rel="me".



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