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Amy Guy


Linked data nerd; always been interested in owning my data (and linking it). Academically interested in how people subvert affordances of silos (technically and socially) to better meet their needs. Generally distressed at lack of expectation of practical ('real world') work in academia, and charging ahead with a 'practice-led' PhD anyway.

Blogged with Blogger intermittantly since 2005, more consistently since 2011. Started work on a linked data blog in 2013, and ported all my old posts. Discovered indieweb in 2014 and altered course accordingly. Thanks to indieweb, I finally shipped the damn thing - unfinished but on track - in Febrary 2015.


These are some high level itches, that are broken down into more practical things below.


I want to:

  • post about an event/trip I'm planning to attend or organising (either as event post or rsvp)
  • have it appear on a calendar on my site (an aggregation of events/trips). As of 2015-06-? I have an 'agenda view' at which basically displays any post with a start and end time.
  • which could automatically display somewhere the answer the question 'where is amy?'
    • aside: make my irc bot able to read this..
  • and also be able to automatically give my availability to anyone inviting me to another event or offering options to schedule something. Totally doable with linked data; getting there one small step at a time.

Consumption tracking

I want to track food because people are always like 'what do vegans even eat?' and then I can just give them a URL.

I am perpetually trying to reduce my physical possessions, or at least become less attached, and I get really upset at brand new things because they're mostly unnecessary. I want to track things I acquire a) to demonstrate that it's possible to not buy new things all the time (or ever) and b) social-shame myself into picking up less stuff over time / giving away more stuff than I do. I'm also interested in Tales of Things ideas (journeys of items reused and repurposed), so I'd like to track where I get stuff and what I do with it when I'm done. Imagine if everyone did this! There is good scope for freecycling/lending/sharing via indieweb.

I want to track transport use because of carbon footprint and stuff.


Now I'm running more, I hella want to get my maps and photos out of Runkeeper and onto my site.


I want to be able to generate a map of all the places I've been from location-tagged blog posts, and checkins. Will need to do some retroactive location tagging, but since I started travelling I've got good blog post records I think.


I don't have an easy way to share albums of photos with my family; I used to use Picasa, but now that's Google Plus. Maybe will try MediaGoblin.


aka. Semantic Blog from Markdown (source), runs at

Intended to be a linked data blog that anyone could run on bog-standard shared hosting, it uses PHP and MySQL. I run it on a shared server with Evohosting. The library ARC2 turns the MySQL database into a triplestore.

I also had a pressing need to be able to author posts in markdown. I take all notes in markdown, then I have the option of turning them into LaTeX for papers, or HTML, or anything else.


  • /: Everything except food posts.
  • /yyyy and /yyyy/mm: Posts by month or year.
  • /tag/{tag}: Posts by tag
  • /all: Pure, unfiltered banality.
  • /likes: Likes
  • /bookmarks: Bookmarks
  • /reposts: Reposts
  • /llog: Lifelog (mostly food at the moment, more to come)
  • /travel: Posts tagged travel, event posts, checkins.
  • /calendar: All posts with start and end dates, sorted by start date.
  • /tag/cv: CV/resume posts, backdated to appear chronologically by position-held.
  • /where: Vague checkins, ie. 'home', 'office', 'in transit'. Currently a bit broken (2015-06-19).

Doing (main itches)

  • Displaying lifelog (llog) [1].
  • Display location on posts with location - needs improving.
  • Fix /where so it understands my new checkins, including checkins with notes, and gives more information.
  • Edit/delete with micropub (properly).
  • Display received webmentions (currently received at


  • Pinned posts (per feed/tag page specifically).
  • Remove bookmarks from my homepage feed so I am less hesitant about bookmarking stuff. (They'll appear at /all).
  • Feed for my replies to others.
  • Feed for mentions (people mentioning me) and display mention count underneath posts.
  • Feed for checkins.
  • Allow filtering down top-level feeds (eg. /bookmarks) by tag and/or date.
  • Display repost content; possibly display liked post content.
  • Pull 'interactions'/recommendations from LinkedIn (low priority, nobody really cares).
  • Deal with posting photos better (currently I FTP a photo from my phone and embed by URL into a post).
  • Back port all my tweets.
  • Bridgy all the things.
  • POSSE to public email lists *and* pull in replies to site.. maybe IFTT can trigger webmentions?
  • PESOS Runkeeper, SleepAsAndroid,, git commits.
  • Options to filter posts on homepage by degree of banality.
  • Publish ActivityStreams2.0 JSON.
  • URL shortener at
  • Redirect old blogger URLs to new site (as if anyone ever linked to my blog posts).


  • Auto POSSE likes and reposts to Twitter (2015-11-18).
  • Move everything CV/resume-related to site and deleted content from LinkedIn (2015-06-14,
  • Semi-manually POSSE posts to Twitter.
  • Send webmentions automatically (2015-05-?).
  • List posts by year and month (2015-05-?).
  • Sort out display of events posts to show event date differently from post-published date, and sort by event date in lists.
  • Return different content types from post permalink, including markdown and RDF (since 2015-04-05).
  • Micropub endpoint, accepts generic posts (I've been posting with Quill, and food/drink posts from Teacup (since 2015-04-03).
  • Mark up events posts properly so I can use them as RSVPs (at 2015/Cambridge).
  • Add microformats2 to posts.

Silo use

  • I use twitter heavily.
  • I've used since 2005, which is when I discovered music.
  • In 2009 I deleted (one by one) all my posts from facebook, and locked down privacy settings. I now use it for personal messaging certain people. And stalking. It's kind of like an archive of people I once knew.
  • I use LinkedIn as an archive of people I've met whom it would not be appropriate to connect with on other social media. Exactly what it's for, I suppose.
  • I used to put all my photos on Picasa, so now they're on Google Plus. I have to deal with this.
  • If I need a quick blog for a specific purpose, I'll boot up a Tumblr.
  • I love Quora... need to figure out how this fits into my indieweb flow.
  • I've claimed username rhiaro on most sites, but pretty much don't use anything else.

Other stuff

  • W3C Social Web WG.
  • Microformats2 as RDF ontology.
  • looks awesome....... I want to POSSE to it.
  • Want to try MediaGoblin for media blog posts; it needs indiewebbing.
  • In the process of sorting out Known for the kids at a programming club I run.
  • Want to dig up files for every website I made since I was ten years old and get them online sometime.