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chipotle is a page displaying the site owner's Chipotle® order.

The first mention of the chipotle page was in this May 7, 2024 Mastodon post by Shellsharks. See the #History section for more.


This page was created by blogger Shellsharks as a parody of other single-purpose pages such as now, ideas, and nope.

You should make a "chipotle" page so when a friend is picking up Chipotle for you, you can send them a link instead of having to redescribe/retype your Chipotle order.

IndieWeb Examples


Historical example of when you should send someone to get you Chipotle (using your /chipotle order prefs page) instead of going yourself: 2015-10-04 Vice: The MySpace Worm that Changed the Internet Forever

โ€ฆ Kamkar went for a burrito at Chipotle and then went home to check his MySpace profile again. At that point he had almost a million friend requests.

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