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Eddie Hinkle is a software engineer, avid reader, aspiring writer living just north of D.C. in Frederick, MD

Blogging Process

All my posts start out as a sheet in my Ulysses app with a sentence thought. So if I have several ideas for blog posts, it's several sheets in Ulysses that I order based on priority. Then when I get a chance, I sit down and turn the sentence into a full post and post it. Currently, that means copying the text from Ulysses and pasting it into a Micropub app, likely's iOS app to post to my website.

Here's a look at how my website complies with IndieWeb standards and what my plans and ideas are for the future of my site and for the IndieWeb.


  • abode is my IndieWeb personal website software built with TypeScript Node.js. It is in on this website since February 2017.
  • Indigenous - A iOS Micropub and Microsub client.

Working On

Currently on my mind

  • Set outgoing webmentions to be delayed and staggered after an event hook, not immediately after save.
  • Add support for Micropub Collections (photo galleries and other types like all posts on a single trip)
  • Add more support for Micropub Post List Queries
  • add audio as rss enclosures and jsonfeed attachments
  • look through JSON spec and RSS spec and make my feeds more robustly match them.
  • Think through h-card collections as people groups.
  • Save individual post images into the post storage directory.
  • Add pinned posts to tag pages or channel.
  • Add IRC syndication (if post is in reply to or has IndieChat as a syndication target)
    • If a reply, grab the mf2 reply context
    • If not a reply, and syndicated to IndieChat, add the audience identifier
    • Use an IRC library to syndicate the post to IRC using a pre-chosen nickname
    • Generate the u-syndication link based on the timestamp of when the post is syndicated
  • Tracking and analyzing sleep data.
  • Add undo post support.
  • Look into automated IndieAuth (private posts)


  • New app scanning compass database and suggesting checkins after the fact with GPS coordinates recorded based on long pauses at a single location. Allow to tag people, places and add photos and comments based on Micropub querying. Add new locations through foursquare database.
  • Add Apple Watch support to Overland
  • Import all the old Tweets and Facebook posts after filtering out the irrelevant posts I don't want to keep.
  • Improve person tag support
  • Finish PESOS reading data from Goodreads to my site, build a read page to be my central portal for my reading information.
  • Set up PESOS import of Kindle Highlights
  • Build a Year-in-Review page that shows listen, watch and read stats, words written in blog posts, # of replies, # of likes, etc.
  • Explore more in-depth watch post type for logging TV and Movies, with /watch portal page.
  • Track /listen posts for podcasts with media framents.
  • Track /listen posts for audiobooks with progress.
  • Move video posts from YouTube to POSSE

Random Brainstorm Ideas for Future

  • Inscribe, a Micropub Media Check-in Web App. Start with TV show and Movie check ins. Then move on to books. Allows the user to search for Episodes of a TV show, a Movie or a Book and mark the status as "Interested, In Progress or Finished". Eventually, maybe it can be expanded to support moving Interested items to In Progress and In Progress items to Finished.
  • A video service that uses IndieAuth and Webmentions to invite other users into a private WebRTC video rooms.
  • Lifestream Micropub Syncing app. An iOS app that syncs the Healthkit data that you choose up to your micropub endpoint.
  • What would a modern web browser look/feel like? How do you navigate? How would it integrate with microformats, micropub, etc?


Implementation Design

This section is outdated and needs to be updated_

  • This site is a standard jekyll site.
    • Currently my site contains the following post types: article, book review, photo, video and RSVPs.
    • I have two types of Jekyll collections: note and media.
    • Note is the general all purpose collection type. Using different attributes based on post type discovery, Jekyll uses different template includes to emulate different post types.
    • The media collection is for the read/watch/listen post types. I created this as a different collection type because it's an area that I plan to do a lot of experimenting in and don't want to lock myself into anything or mess up my other post types while experimenting. I no longer use posts within Jekyll.
      • video is currently just a link to YouTube. #IndieWebFail. That needs to be fixed.
  • node.js scripts run in the background to PESOS Goodreads content to my /data directory and periodically rebuilds my Jekyll site with fresh data.
  • The goal is to always have a static site as much as possible, with node.js micro services that update my static files as need be. Eventually, if needed, having node.js store data in a database and then whenever data is updated, re-publish static files. I would like to stick with jekyll as long as possible, but if that ever gets to the point that it is too complicated, the goal is to build a node.js module that exports HTML through a template language like Jade.

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