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A book is a written work typically longer than an article, on the indieweb, there are examples of publishing whole books on indieweb sites, and publishing lists of books.

IndieWeb Examples

Jeremy Keith

Jeremy Keith publishes books on his own personal domains in addition to through publishers. E.g.

Library Examples

Below are some examples of people keeping lists online of books they own, see also personal library for more examples:

Christian Weiske

Christian Weiske uses h-cite to mark up books he has in his library -

Paul Munday

PaulMunday has a page on his site for each of his books marked up with microformats as documented here:

Erin Jo Richey

Has a page on her site with books she owns:

Sebastiaan Andeweg

Has a page with a few books he knows (either owns/owned or borrowed or read or want to read) on

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