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A content management system (often abbreviated as CMS) is software used to create, enter, edit, update, delete content on a website, even on indieweb sites.



If a CMS isn't good enough to change your behavior to post to your own site first / instead of a silo (e.g. plenty of "old school" bloggers that tweet but fail to post notes on their own site), then that CMS is not good (and you should thus write your own or improve another, whichever is easier.).

Remember when you choose a CMS, you're not only choosing a technology, you're also choosing a community. This is critical and has both benefits and drawbacks, outlined below.

Why re-use a CMS

Why you should re-use an existing CMS, and help contribute to it:

  • Leverage the fruits of labor (millions of hours!) other people and CMS communities have invested.
  • Benefit from domain experts in those communities. Watching for exploits and quickly shipping security patches is a key example. Small independent CMSes may generally be smaller targets, but are also less secure and hardened.
  • Spend your time and energy on other projects that are more likely to be adopted by others and benefit the community
    • It takes a large amount of duplicated effort to get even a *barely* decent CMS, and almost all of that effort is duplicated
  • It's usually a better use of effort, more collaborative and inspiring, and more community-oriented to join and improve an existing CMS like Known than build your own from scratch
  • If you're not scratching your own itches as easily or fast as you'd like or making your CMS as or more awesome/beautiful than silos, then yes, stop writing your own CMS and use an existing one.

Why write your own

Why you should write your own CMS for your personal web site, in short:

  • Scratch your own itches
  • As long as people are posting to silos *instead of* posting to their own site, we lack good CMSs, and you should help by starting with your own.
    • Make it as awesome / beautiful or more than any silo you currently use
    • Nearly all existing CMSs suck at UI/UX compared to silos.
  • A "barely decent" CMS may be exactly what more people can use - not these overdesigned behemoths that require nasty sysadmin work and have tons of regular security exploits
  • People here have built amazing things because they started with the freedom and low learning curve of their own CMS
  • More CMSs means more ways to rapidly iterate with UI - catching up in UI/UX is the #1 thing we're behind on compared to silos
  • Existing communities tend to be monoculture laden and slower to change, slower to iterate, and may not share your priorities (e.g feature parity with silos).

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