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A static site CMS is a CMS that can be used to view, edit, and create static files for a static site generator, and used for many IndieWeb sites. Static site CMSes provide a graphical user interface that is easier to use than a CLI that is usually required for SSGs.


A static site CMS provides a user interface to manage your posts and files without requiring direct access to files or remembering the file structures required by a static site generator.

The resulting static sites are typically managed separately from the CMS and can be viewed without the CMS running.

IndieWeb Examples

See the IndieWeb Examples section of each specific static site CMS in the table below.

List of known static site CMSes

Name Language License Notes
Kirby PHP
Decap CMS Javascript Open Source: MIT License Integrates nicely with the Git host's Authentication system, can be used without. Previously called Netlify CMS.
Publii Javascript / Desktop application Open Source: GPLv3
Sitecake PHP Proprietary
Lektor Python, Javascript Open Source: BSD License

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