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Elgg is an open source social networking engine that is IndieWeb friendly. IndieWeb features can be added with the indieweb plugin.

The Elgg project was started in 2004 by Ben Werdmüller and Dave Tosh. It focuses on educational environments, but can be used by any organization/group.

IndieWeb Friendly

2023-08-23: IndieWeb Plugin available for Elgg version 4 and 5 that supports:

according to https://indieweb.social/@elgg/110935788574406956


2023-01-03: Draft plugin available for testing that supports microformats2, Webmention, and Microsub according to https://indieweb.social/@elgg/109627578812796230 inspired by Kristof De Jaeger’s Drupal IndieWeb module.

"#IndieWeb for #Elgg draft is available for testing.

One small step to integrate IndieWeb into Elgg 🚀 via https://pw.wzm.me/wall/v/15787 https://github.com/RiverVanRain/indieweb"

—@elgg January 3, 2023

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