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microblog.pub is self-hostable, single-user, IndieWeb friendly microblogging open source software that supports many IndieWeb building blocks such as IndieAuth, microformats2, Micropub, Webmention, and also ActivityPub.

If you are looking for the easy-to-setup posting service, also with lots of IndieWeb support, see:


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Ashton McAllan

Ashton McAllan Is using microblog.pub on her main site at https://acegiak.net/.

If youre playing around with Mastodon, you can actually add me at @ash@acegiak.net ! Ive switched my personal website over to use microblogpub (my fork is here: https://github.com/acegiak/microblog.pub ) which is fully compatible with Mastodon and the fediverse as well as other indieweb projects!
โ€”@acegiak https://twitter.com/_/status/1520764764888125444

Thejesh GN

https://thejeshgn.com/ at:

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