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Substack is a silo for publishing blog posts with a newsletter feature that allows authors to charge for subscriptions.


  • blog posts
  • podcasts
  • email newsletter publishing
    • paid tier
  • feed reader (supports RSS)
  • chat

IndieWeb support

RSS Subscriptions

Substack publications have advertised RSS feeds at /feed. Example:


Funds transphobia

2021-03-21 Jude Ellison Sady Doyle: In Queers We Trust. All Others Pay Cash. (archived)

Lack of accountability

Many trackers by default

    • "Ironically, quite a few google and optimizely trackers on your blog. Likely unintentional as they're quite difficult to avoid using any commercial service but if substack isn't paying you, consider moving elsewhere? And if they are, maybe a post explaining what's being collected." @jakobsohn June 15, 2021



  • 2021-03-15 Daniel Hon: s09e08: Wear a mask. It’ll change your life. (archived)

    I’ll be moving this newsletter away from Substack soon and closing my account

  • 2023-08-13 Louise Stigell: Bye, Substack 🖤 (archived)

    I’ve also been kind of reluctant to let so much of my content live somewhere other than on my website. It doesn’t matter that Substack is a great platform, and that I can move my content off it whenever I want. It doesn’t matter that I can monetize my content here. It’s still not my platform, and I have no control over the rollout of new features, visual changes, monetization policies, etc. Some people have complained to me that I’m being too pushy trying to get them to pay for a subscription. Well, it’s not me doing the pushing, it’s Substack. It’s all automated and beyond my control. And ultimately, what matters the most to me in my business in control and autonomy.

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