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link in bio is a common expression on silos like Instagram which disallow linking from posts, directing viewers to the respective social media profile which usually allows at least one link, increasingly used to link to a link-in-bio service providing a flat list of links at a short vanity path.


Why have a page with a vertical stack of links styled as buttons with center-aligned text that looks simple / unconfusing on a mobile device?

  • A single link representing a cause or advocacy organization can provide specific call-to-action links, links to local chapters, and related causes, encouraging a broader set of folks to share that one link (on their site or social media) rather trying to communicate different links to different people to share for different purposes. E.g.

Why use a link-in-bio service in particular:

  • Indirection and resisting social media link removal
    • Linking to such a service in your social media profile resists scanning of specific links/domains by the social media site for targeted blocking
    • For example, Instagram will remove any account with obvious adult site links but they won't if those links are behind a Linktree link

IndieWeb Examples

IndieWeb Examples of things that look/act like a "link in bio" service, without actually having to be on a service:

Silo Examples



WordPress Plugins

WordPress Themes

  • There’s an old (predating 2010-06-17) MiniCard WordPress theme by Mike Jolley which visually has a similar look to Linktree which is described as a business card site for displaying social media sites that had built in vCard/hCard support.
    • An example of the theme can be found in use on Alex Enkerli's website.

Open source DIY alternative:


  • 2022-01-26 The New Personal Website Isn’t Really a Website at All by Michael Waters in The Atlantic—Instagram and TikTok stars are helping transform simplistic “link-in-bio” pages into sprawling, interactive displays
    • Criticism: The article (and many companies held up as examples in it) make the logical error that one needs to use a link in bio service (a silo within a silo), to promote their businesses because their "link in bio" needs to point at their homepage. Why couldn't it point to any landing or content page on their website with custom content for their audience coming from a particular social service? An IndieWeb approach gives them so much more power and agency here.
    • In a study done for The Atlantic, the web-analytics firm estimated that Linktree links account for nearly half of all the link-in-bio traffic on Instagram.
    • An explosion of companies sporting names such as Shorby,, Beacons, Tab Bio, and Koji […] are giving the link-in-bio a glow-up.

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